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Welcome to Panama, “The Bridge of the World”, where modern cities meet with nature's beauty and where there's always something new to discover. This website is about Panama, where Panama is, photos of Panama, about travel an tourism and where Panama's hot destinations are. About the beautiful hot spots you don't want to miss: beautiful beaches, exotic islands, rainforests with rich biodiversity, lakes and mountains plus vibrant cities open for shopping and business. Panama offers something for everybody from the eco tourist to the business traveler.

Panama is an exciting and vibrant country filled with a rich history and culture. From the sandy beaches of the Caribbean to the tropical rainforest in Darien, Panama has something for everyone. With its diverse landscape, fascinating wildlife, and many historical sites, it’s no wonder that Panama is one of the top tourist destinations in Central America. Please bookmark us now press ctrl+d and visit again soon for more fascinating travel destinations in Panama!