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Welcome to Panama, “The Bridge of the World”, where modern cities meet with nature’s beauty and where there’s always something new to discover.


Panama is located in the center of the Western Hemisphere, limiting on the north with the Caribbean Sea, on the south, with the Pacific Ocean, on the east with Colombia and on the west with Costa Rica, forming a link between Central America and South America. The total area of the Republic has an extension of 75,517 square kilometers. Population: 3,571,185 (2011).

Panama City

Panama City

Languages: Spanish (official), English 14% note: many Panamanians are bilingual

Panama has a tropical climate. Temperatures are around 80 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit ( 25 – 30 Celsius ) and humidity is always high. There are only two seasons, the dry season from December to April and the rainy season from May to the end of the year.

Terrain: interior mostly steep, rugged mountains and dissected, upland plains; coastal areas largely plains and rolling hills

Geography note: strategic location on eastern end of isthmus forming land bridge connecting North and South America; controls Panama Canal that links North Atlantic Ocean via Caribbean Sea with North Pacific Ocean.

Panama is a constitutional republic. The President, assisted by two Vice Presidents and a Cabinet of Ministers of State, posses the Executive Power.
The judicial branch is composed by the Supreme Court of Justice and nine Magistrates assigned for a 10-year period; four Superior Courts and Three Appeal Courts. The legislative branch is unicameral.

Elections are carried out every 5 years by means of popular voting.

What else is important ?

Electricity: 120V 60 Cycles in all parts of the country.
Time Zone: Panama is in Eastern Standard Time Zone ( five hours behind GMT )
Population: Around 2.4 million.
Political System: A democratic independent republic.
Highest point: Volcan Baru 3475 m.
Bordering countries: Colombia and Costa Rica.
How many islands are in San Blas: over 365.
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What currency is used in Panama ?

The currency is the “Balboa” which is the same value as the US dollar. The US dollar is legal tender in Panama, which doesn’t print bank notes ( US dollar notes are used ) but only mint its own coins.

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